Hey, I’m Austin, a photographer in Indiana

My name is Austin Mariasy and I am a photographer in Kokomo, Indiana, just a short drive from Indianapolis, South Bend, Muncie and Lafayette.

I am the photographer at IU Kokomo as well as a freelancer for other universities around the country. I have worked for dozens of universities at hundreds of sporting events in all three NCAA Divisions at events including national championships, conference championships, rivalry games and everything in between…

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I got my start at Kent State University where I worked for the student newspaper, The Kent Stater, and eventually worked as a student for the university itself. I redeveloped my love of sports and developed an eye for photographing them. I created relationships with folks in our athletics department including lasting relationships and friendships with staff, coaches and players.

Beyond sports, I love connecting to people. I find I connect well with people when I am behind the camera. I really get to know brides when I shoot their weddings, high school seniors when I shoot their senior portraits and when I freelance for newspapers I connect and get to know the subjects I photograph.

Whatever special moment you have coming up, I’d love to help you remember it forever. I know it’s an honor for a photographer to experience your big moments with you, and I take that very seriously. I want to connect with you and capture the most authentic photos for you to look back on and enjoy for years to come! I really hope we can work together sometime soon! Never hesitate to reach out!

I promise I don’t bite.


Austin is an accomplished sports photographer who has worked for dozens of university clients at events ranging from opening days to national championship in all three NCAA divisions.


Austin always leaves his wedding clients with a sense of satisfaction and wonder at how he manages to document the day so gracefully and beautifully.


As an experienced photojournalist, Austin has covered everything from political rallies, protests, general news coverage and so much more.


Austin’s eye for portraiture is always developing and growing. Every time he talks to someone, he thinks about the portrait he would take in that moment.

Higher Education

Austin has worked for years developing his love for higher education and his eye for documenting it. Every time he walks on a campus he wonders what the culture is like so he can show it off.

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I would love to work with you! Reach out soon!

Kokomo, Indiana 46902