On July 1, 2016 Nancy Towns passed away in her sleep in a nursing home in Whitehouse, Ohio. She was my father’s mother. On July 4, 2016 Jaime Hilliker passed away suddenly from a heart attack on the side of the highway in Houghton, Michigan. She was my mother’s mother. She lived in a house her children and husband of 49 years built in 1994 in Rockford, Michigan. I spent almost more time in that home than I did inRead more


A small collection of my coverage of various sporting events. Click the images to start slideshow. Use the sports drop down tab to view individual sports.Read more

Best of Europe

I started 2017 by studying abroad in Florence, Italy from mid-January to mid-May. During my semester, I traveled to 5 countries and checked a multitude of items off my bucket list. Here are my favorite shots from my four months abroad. Click the images to start slideshow.Read more

Faces of London

I have always loved faces. I am constantly finding my self staring at random strangers on the streets just because I love examining the imperfections in their face. I decided to put my love into a body of work while I was in London. I made a series of portraits and asked one simple question: If you could describe your day to day life in one word, what would that word be? Click the images to start slideshow.Read more

Solar Eclipse 2017

On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017 the United States experienced the first total, coast to coast, solar eclipse since 1979. I was outside the Reed Memorial Library in Ravenna, Ohio and I captured people from all generations staring in awe at a spectacle few have ever seen in all its glory. Click the images to start slideshow.Read more

26 Years Later

Linda O’Roark, 54, hit rock bottom 26 years ago but has been sober ever since. Linda is a recovering alcoholic and will never be fully recovered because addiction is a disease from which one never truly heals from.   When Linda was at rock bottom, she would live in what she calls ‘black outs’ where she would only remember the night as if it were a dream only it was reality.   One night, Linda was going out with someRead more