From national championships to opening days, sports photography is my first love. If you need a sports photographer in Indiana or beyond, reach out! I’d love to work together. I reside in Indiana but am willing to travel with the team to their next meet, match, or game. From capturing the raw emotion of a big win (or a devastating loss) to following game play on the field, court, or track, I love to show what sports really mean to the players, the coaches, and the fans. It’s so much more than winning or losing. 

You can see some of my favorite shots I’ve taken throughout the years below. I would love to feature a photo of your team on my website next. 

I’ve worked for dozens of university clients including: Vanderbilt, UNC, NC State, University of Florida, University of San Diego, Niagara University and many more.

I’ve shot sports including: football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, fencing, swimming and more.

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